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Welcome to South County Little League

Welcome to South County Little League (SCLL).  We are pleased to be one be one of the most comprehensive and growing baseball programs in Northern Virginia.  We have programs for boys and girls age 4-15.  SCLL’s mission continues to be:

“Through baseball South County Little League strives for the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, and respect for authority so that our players are stronger and happier children and will grow to be good, decent, healthy, and trustworthy citizens.”

I am pleased to announce the completion of major renovations of all our fields at Lower Potomac Park.  South County Little League now has some of the finest baseball fields in the district.  Our relatively new South County Little League concession stand at Lower Potomac Park continues to be a huge success and we are excited about the new menu items and specials planned for 2015.

South County Little League is successful only because of the thousands of volunteers who support our players.  If you think you can find some time to help out “your little league” please contact me or any board member.


Dan Keefe, President
South County Little League
571-216-0743 (cell)

Frequently Asked Questions

Key Dates

Early-Mar     Teams Assigned
Early-Mar     Registration Closes
Mid-Mar        First Practices Start

March 23       Parent/Manager Meeting South County HS Auditorium 7:00 pm
Mar30-Apr3   FFX County Spring Break
Apr 05            Easter
Apr 11            Opening Day Ceremonies Spring 2015 Season

Apr 17            Little League Night at South County High School Varsity Baseball Game


When does the Spring Season Start and End?

Players will be assigned to teams in late Feb/early March, and practices will start mid-March.  The regular season of scheduled games will run from April to the end of May or first week of June.    Opening Day Ceremonies will likely take place this year on Saturday April 11th.  At Opening Day Ceremonies, all the teams are in their uniforms and march onto the Lower Potomac #5 (LP5) field as a team with their team banner.    The pledge of allegiance and the little league pledge are said, there are some announcements, and an opening pitch is thrown.   Then the kids are released to play their first games of the season.

When do we find out what the team assignments will be?

Teams are assigned late Feb/early March and practices will start mid-March.

How are team assignments made?

T-Ball and A-Ball (Machine Pitch) do not have skills assessments.   During the registration process, players in these divisions can request to be grouped with other player/friends and every attempt will be made to honor these requests.

AA through Majors— There is a skills assessment process.  All kids, even those who have played at SCLL before, must attend either one of the two planned skills assessments.   At these events, each child will be asked to perform a few basic baseball skills, like throwing, catching, hitting.    The teams are then formed soon after the skills assessment.   After the teams are formed, you will get a message from the team manager (head coach) welcoming you to that particular team for the spring season. 


When are practices and games typically scheduled?

It depends ultimately on the number of players and teams that we have.   From past experience, there are typically around 1-3 events (practice or games) per week.    SCLL schedules practice and game events on Tuesdays through Saturdays.  Weekday events start around 5:30, and Saturday events typically are scheduled between 9AM and 5PM. 

Are Uniforms provided?

Yes, they will be provided in time to wear them at Opening Ceremonies.   Team Shirts, Hats, and socks are provided, but not pants.  Players will need to purchase their own baseball pants on their own.  They are available at Dicks Sporting Goods, or Models, or on-line.     Teams can select their pant colors, so you should wait until the first team meeting to determine which pant color everyone on the team should get.    For T-ball and most teams it is standard grey, but some want the option to choose white.


What are the various volunteering opportunities I can do?

SCLL is an all-volunteer leagues and all parents are required to perform some volunteer activities throughout the season.   During the on-line registration process, please indicate if you are willing to volunteer as a Manager or assistant coach.    Other volunteering opportunities for parents include umpiring, working in the snack bar, field setup (raking, setting out bases, applying lines), post-game field clean up, team parent (organizing team volunteering requirements), and team score keeper.   This year, each team that is scheduled as the “visitor” for a game must provide one adult to work in the snack bar during the game.   Team parents often agree to share this time between multiple parents during a game.


I’d like to volunteer to be a team manager, how do I do that?

Terrific!  Especially for T-ball parents, we always need new volunteers to help out each new season of players.    There is a question that will come up during the registration process asking if you’d like to volunteer to be a manager.   Just indicate your willingness to be a Manager when you register your child and the league will contact you.


Do you have more information about local rules and volunteering that I can read?

Yes, a full description of local rules can be found on line in the documents libary, in two key documents called “SCLL Local Rules” and “SCLL Handbook.”   Or click here for quick access to the documents folder:


How does Tee-Ball Work?

Tee Ball games are only 3 innings long.  In each inning, everyone hits and goes just one base at a time.   Each batter advances only one base per batter, except the last batter in each inning runs a home run to clear the bases.

  • There are no outs or walks in T­Ball.  Everyone hits, and everyone reaches base.
  • There are no extra base hits.  All hitters stop at first base, and advance only one base per subsequent hitter.
  • A hit generally should travel at least outside the batters circle, but it is the discretion of the coach helping the batter to say “foul ball” if the ball is technically fair, but not hit sufficiently far enough into the field of play.
  • For each inning, all players on the team have one at­bat.
  • The last batter in the order per inning is announced by the manager as “Last Batter.” The last batter hits and then runs all of the bases without stopping, clearing all bases of runners. The fielders play is to home plate.
  • All players play the field each inning. Normal infield positions are filled first, and additional players should be placed in the outfield. Teams may not put additional players at locations in the in­field (for example, only one player at the pitchers position)
  • There are no restrictions on the number or location of Adult coaches helping on the field.
  • In the interest of safety, the pitcher (player not coach) shall always wear a protective helmet with face cage, and shall be positioned inside the pitching circle.
  • The catcher shall always wear the full set of provided protective gear, even in T­Ball.  This is to protect against thrown bats among other reasons.
  • Bat Safety in T­Ball is especially critical.  A player may only hold and swing a bat when they are at­bat in the batter’s box.  Managers must ensure adult control of all bats at all times.  Practice swings in the on­deck area, or anywhere else other than when a player is officially at­bat, are NEVER allowed.


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Field Status
Lower Potomac #1 - 60ft - Lorton TBD (3/1) 
Lower Potomac #2 - 60ft - Lorton TBD (3/1) 
Lower Potomac #3 - 90ft - Lorton TBD (3/1) 
Lower Potomac #4 - TBall - Lorton TBD (3/1) 
Lower Potomac #5 - 60ft - Lorton TBD (3/1) 
Lower Potomac-Concession - Lorton TBD (3/1) 

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